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Application IP Process Status
Mobile DPHY Master/Slave PHY 45nm Mass production
28nm Mass production
14nm / 11nm Mass production
10nm / 8nm Mass production
7nm / 5nm Mass production
4nm Silicon Proven
CPHY Master/Slave PHY 14nm / 11nm Under development
10nm / 8nm Mass production
7nm / 5nm Mass production
4nm Silicon Proven
PCle Gen3 PHY 14nm Mass production
PCle Gen3 PHY 8nm Mass production
Display eDP RX PHY 14nm Under development
Intra-Panel Interface TX PHY 14nm Under development
Data CENTER, A/I 112G SERDES PHY 14nm Under development
112G Optical Front-End (Driver, TIA) 14nm Under development
Key Interface IP optimized for Mobile SoCs
  • Cameras are essential for mobile SoC application fields such as IoT, Automotive, and Smart Devices.
  • Most of the AI application fields are focused on image processing → Camera interface is essential
  • The number of Cameras in automotive application ↑ → MIPI becomes key interface IP
  • Used as Mobile Display Interface (DSI) / Camera Interface (CSI)
  • Absolute mass production history at all process nodes → Most popular IP in Samsung Foundry
  • <Mobile Application>
    IP Solution
  • <IoT Application>
    IP Solution
  • <Automoive Application>
    IP Solution
PCIe Gen3 & Gen4
PCIe, a Rising Star in All Interface Applications
  • Key interface IP for Data Center and High-performance Computing.
  • Most important interface IP for connecting SSD and GPU
  • Used as Modem/WiFi interface in mobile field
  • Multiple mass production history at 14nm and 8nm nodes → Excellent value for money
IP Solution
Interface IPs for Display Chipsets
Display Chipset Revolution Restarts with UHD
  • New generation of display interface IPs for display chipsets (DTV SoC, TCON, DDI)
  • Expertise in display interface IP through a number of mass-production products
  • Various Customized / Optimum Solutions other than interface spec can be provided.
IP Solution
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